The Temple members who create the oishii (delicious) food for the Cherry Blossom Festival do so with the same love and care as Tami Hiyama in this video from NHK World-Japan

What are the ingredients for a hugely successful Cherry Blossom Festival? 

2600 lbs of chicken 

400 lbs of beef  

500 hamburgers (marinated in teriyaki sauce) 

1240 lbs of rice 

800 lbs of sugar 

95 gallons of shoyu (soy sauce) 

12,000 gyoza (dumplings) 

39 lbs of somen (thin wheat flour noodles) 

6000 yaki and mochi manju (traditional Japanese confection) 

3000 SPAM musubi 

300 rolls of maki sushi 

3600 inari sushi  

220 lbs of edamame (soybeans) 

45 dozen eggs 

Thousands of containers, cups, forks, hashi and napkins

Overwhelming support and collaboration between Tri-State/Denver Buddhist Temple and Sakura Foundation

Generous sponsorships and in-kind donations from our festival sponsors and supporters

A fabulous group of volunteers who dedicated time and effort to: 

  • Set up food racks, food warmers, buckets, pallets, tables, chairs and more 
  • Cut, package and freeze 400 lbs of beef for beef bowls 
  • Make 38 gallons of teriyaki sauce 
  • Marinate 2600 lbs of chicken 
  • Roll azuki and shiro an to make the 6000 manju 
  • Cut 50 lbs of onions for beef bowls and hamburgers 
  • Package chow mein noodles and chicken for salads 
  • Wash 50 heads of romaine lettuce 
  • Open and cut 334 cans of SPAM 
  • Cook 45 dozen eggs 
  • Fry thousands of gyoza pieces 
  • Cook tons of somen 
  • Grill chicken and hamburgers 
  • Staff the booths 


YOU!  Our amazing supporters and attendees who come to take in and enjoy our Japanese and Japanese American culture! 

Mix everything together and you have a fantastic festival! 

As you can see, the presentation of the CBF involves great deal of time, hard work and coordination by hundreds of people.  But it is a labor of love that we value dearly.  We can’t wait to see everyone next year!